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Buyer Lifecycle Touchpoint Alignment
Actionable Buyer & Customer Insights
Thought Leadership & Content Strategy
Market Strategy Planning & Execution

Our services

Journeys, ICPs & Personas

Deep, actionable understanding of personas, how and why they act which enables marketing, sales and customer success teams to act on customer intent pre- or post-purchase. Based on qualitative research the deliverables are easy to understand, detailed visual maps of what buying teams/personas do at each step, where they go, decisions made and why, and what they expect of vendors.

Journey Maps
Personas & VOB
Lead-to-Close Maps
Experience Co-Creation

At Lithium we used the Sellers' Compass Journey Maps as a foundation to build our content strategy AND mix initiative.  This is really about understanding our customer, their needs, buying process and decision. Without the Sellers' Compass we can only GUESS.

VP of Marketing, Lithium

Voice of the Customer

Collect unbiased buyer feedback for a complete, in-depth and contextual understanding of why you win and lose. Uncover blind spots in messaging, content, product features, and sales engagement with Win/Loss and Churn Analysis. Understand what is contributing to missteps in meeting buyer expectations and how to delight customers from onboarding through renewal.

Won/Lost & Churn Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Acquisition & Retention Programs

We needed deep, actionable contextual insights into why Introhive won and lost customer opportunities in multiple countries. New Business Strategies made setting up and executing a formal won/lost program easy. Besides delivering quarterly won/lost analysis, their Sellers Compass methodology provided us with journey and content maps halfway through the year which helped us meet buyer expectations.

Director of Product Marketing, Introhive

Voice of the Buyer (VoB) & Enablement

Enablement is about creating compelling content for buying teams as well as sales teams. We develop content strategy based on our Sellers' Compass Journey Maps by mapping sought content with key micro-moments and buying team personas. Everyone expects vendor content to be concise, industry-relevant, trustworthy, and add value.

Content Strategy
Sales & Partner Enablement Tools
Thoughtleadership & Custom Studies
Case studies, Articles & Vertical Content

I had the pleasure of working with New Business Strategies when we needed guidance around mapping out the ideal customer journey. Their experience and expertise really helped drive the collaboration and thinking we needed to define a strategy and execution plan that was customer and results focused.

Head of Customer Success, PayScale

Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

Our market and competitor research zeroes in on your ideal customer profiles (ICP) and market segments with positioning and messaging that tell a product's differentiated story expressed in your target customers' words. We promote that story through content and media relations leveragin the team's thirty years of experience.

Messaging & Positioning
Go-to-Marketing Strategy & Plan
Digital Transformation
Change Management

“We got great results. We were able to give our internal customers a crash course in middle market USA. New Business Strategies findings  was used in several sales education forums to heighten awareness of both the market needs and the potential opportunity areas within the middle market segment. Their work influenced the formation of a ‘Fast Forward’ program and brought the non-Oracle-centric view

of the world to us."

Director Market Analysis, Oracle Americas

Cross-Organizational Alignment

One of the biggest challenges to growth is when sales and marketing don’t work as partners. The root causes include lack of agreement on hand-off processes and system gaps to differing team cultures and language. We get everyone on the same page focused on achieving shared goals instead finger-pointing.

Sales & Marketing Alignment
Cross-Organization Touchpoint Alignment
Customer Experience Training

Vision, Market Analysis & Strategic Planning 

Strategic planning is the cornerstone to capitalizing on disruption. We don't believe a big, hefty annual plan is the answer.


Our FOCUS approach is quick and participative to ensure organizational alignment on key measurably needle-movers.  Our evergreen approach enables early and growth stage companies to gain unpredecented agility and resilience in the face of rapidly moving customer behaviors, technologies, markets, economies, and geopolitical drivers.  

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