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​NFANT is a breakthrough startup addressing the feeding difficulties of infants. As the only FDA-cleared IoT neurological biofeedback medical device for newborns, NFANT has strong adoption in over 50 hospital NICUs. The next step was to launch a Direct to Consumer product.


New Business Strategies® partnered with NFANT's CEO and Founder, Tommy Cunningham, and Mark Rangell of Execullence to define ideal customer profiles (ICP), research detailed buyer journeys, and personas.


NFANT gained in-depth, actionable purchase journeys for babytech products. ICP data analysis directly influenced messaging and the go-to-market plan.


"New Business Strategies' expertise and approach cover areas that are often insufficient in other firms we've encountered - ranging from strategic and financial planning, buyer journey mapping, persona development, and multifaceted market validation from qualitative and quantitative perspectives. We happily look forward to engaging them on future initiatives for the benefit of our clients," shared Mark Rangell, Managing Partner of Execullence.


NBS' results provided a solid data-driven foundation for the market launch of the NFANT Thrive system at CES 2022. NFANT won two awards at CES: Best of CES Parenting Products 2022 by Romper and the 2022 CES Editors' Choice award from USA TODAY.


That's what we call having an impact on a client's success!

Challenge and Results:

New Pig is a leading manufacturer of leak and spill, environmental health, and safety (EH&S) products. Their challenge was that their customers' journey was changing in ways they didn't understand.


New Business Strategies' interviewed 300 current, former and non-customers across 3 personas to develop actionable buyer journey maps. and a new content strategy. NBS delivered a 'go forward' roadmap for higher conversion campaigns, eCommerce user experiences, and retention that were validated in a customer co-creation session.

Learning from customers increased lead quality by 130%

Read how Good Technology leverage New Business Strategies' Sellers' Compass, an intensive customer-centric approach, to create actionable buyer journeys and redefine how marketing drove revenue and deliver a 40% increase in Sales-accepted leads.

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Social Dynamx is an Austin, Texas-based software startup that developed a unique customer care platform for supporting big brand customers through social media. The company engaged NBS while it was in stealth mode to make sure its launch would set the tone for a promising future. The stealth-mode startup needed to make the right strategic messaging and resource decisions and make these choices quickly.


The company spent months educating the market in preparation for its launch about the need for real-time response systems to customer comments. When it was time for the launch, analysts, media and customers already understood the value of solving social customer care at scale and what Social Dynamx brought to the table. Leading industry analysts unanimously supported Social Dynamx’s approach.


“New Business Strategies helped us understand who we were, who our customers should be and where we fit into the ecosystem,” said Jan Ryan, President and Co-Founder. “We were able to achieve everything we could have expected, while staying within our budget, because of the early planning we did with New Business Strategies.


Social Dynamx continued to use the methodology it learned from New Business Strategies as part of its ongoing process for developing messaging, decision-making, and managing media announcements.


“New Business Strategies has a great repeatable methodology,” said Ryan. “We plan to leverage their approach to messaging for a long time.”


The attention Social Dynamx's launch generated helped the company secure customers including Dish Network andTime Warner Cable. Which led to acquisition by Lithium and New Business Strategies' retention.

Challenge and Results:


Auth0, acquired by Okta, is a leading authenticate, authorize, and secure access cybersecurity vendor.


Ken Oestreich, VP of Product Marketing, wanted vertical messaging to be grounded in significant emerging industry trends aligned with Auth0's unique value proposition. More importantly, messaging had to be from the buyers' perspective using industry terminology. He also wanted sales enablement tools and content to reflect new 'outside-in' messaging and emerging trends-based.


New Business Strategies® conducted an in-depth competitive analysis of four competitors. In parallel, NBS launched future-casting research into emerging 2025/2030 industry trends. Performing these activities in parallel provided the Auth0 product marketing team with fast time-to-value and actionable insights.


Field Sales' expressed great enthusiasm and support for the sales tools, which they quickly put into use. The project was completed in 60 days.

New vertical website copy was developed utilizing the existing design templates.
Sales enablement tools were developed in 'snackable' format - including key emerging industry trends; 'what to listen for, 'what to ask, 'what to talk about; and corresponding supporting customer case studies for each industry.
The in-depth competitive analysis concentrated on go-to-market strategy, messaging, market penetration, vertical content strategy, regulations/standards supported, channel strategy, and customer references.
Sales primer on 2025/2030 emerging trends for each industry and Auth0 opportunities and implications.
New vertical industry and persona-based messaging and vertical content were developed.

The field adopting, embracing and communicating back the effective of the new tools is a Big WIN!

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