Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Buyers' Journey methodology we developed and help companies implement was born from my days as a serial CMO.   There just had to be a better way to drive Marketing ROI and pipeline.  The principles of customer centric marketing, integrated marketing and so on do little to dramatically 'move the needle' on understanding how B2B buyers purchase in the social era. These marketing principles are much like sales training, another artifact of yesteryear.  Do more of what 'appears' to work without really understanding the 'whys' and 'hows'.  The Buyers' Journey came out of trying to understand, from the prospects' and customers' perspective, how their approach to buying a piece of software, equipment or technology service had changed and why.  

Join me for a Free Webinar on Alignment

BrightTalk has invited me to shared best practices, real life case examples and a road map for how to align Sales and Marketing.  This free webinar will be held on October 19th at 10:00am pacific time.  From the prospect to up-sell stages, organizations have a great opportunity to accelerate their revenue cycles by enabling marketing and sales to function as a unified team.  Aligned Sales and Marketing teams are more efficient, close more sales and have happier customers. Attend this webinar to find out the seven steps you can take to accomplish this, complete with supporting case studies.   

Mi6 and I talk Alignment

In this episode of the the B2B Specialists podcast Chris Herbert of Mi6 interviews me.   Get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger and enjoy the interview.  

Podcast on Sales & Marketing now available

The podcast with Rod Sloane was a lot of fun even though it was rather early in the morning for me.  He used the recording feature of Skype and I was impressed with the clarity of the final product.  Rod is in the UK and passionate about sales and marketing alignment; check out his LinkedIn profile at    

Monday’s TalkCast

Monday is my TalkCast on Aligning Sales and Marketing hosted by Product Strategy Network.  The format is an open audience discussion versus presentation by PowerPoint.  I'm looking forward to this as discussions with active audience participation are always richer.  We'll still focus on making the key points actionable.  As of Friday morning, almost 100 people had signed up for this free event.  The more the merrier. But people need to sign up prior to the event in order to participate. Here's the link