Crazy Makers, Trust Busters, and How Customers Get Even

Much of today’s discussion on B2B customer experience focuses on interactions.  What is the buyer doing? What content are they interacting with and where? How can sales engage with the buyer earlier?  While understanding the specific actions and motivations of buyers is important to delivering a valued lifetime customer experience, it is not everything.... Read the full article on Forbes.

6 Best Practices for Sales + Marketing Alignment: A Bridge over Troubled Waters

There is irony in the fact that despite all the new social selling, collaboration, big data-based predictive sales analysis, target account-based marketing and cloud-based technologies the pesky old issue of sales and marketing discord is alive and well.  Prophesiers of new sales methodologies, coaching techniques and technology beware; the root cause is not in poor processes, lack of information or leadership — it is the persistent war between sales and marketing... Read the full article on CMSWire.

36 Tips To Keep Revenue Predictable

Inevitably every company finds they’ve taken their eye off the ball at one time or another.  It’s hard when the urgent often overtakes the important on everyone’s daily to-do list.  It’s the quiet killer of strategy, morale, results and growth... Read the full article on Forbes.

The Social Enterprise: Turning Business Upside Down

For the social enterprise to work, most of what we think of as business needs to be turned on its head. Social enterprise is a new paradigm for how societies interact, relate, create and exchange value. That’s right; I used the all but banned “P” word of the late 1990s....   Read the rest of the article on CMSwire.

Meet the New Boss and His Take on Your Strategy

Leaders are starting to let go of the myth they are in control of the customer journey as organizations get comfortable with buyers calling the shots.  Companies as diverse as Safelite Glass to Aruba Networks are aligning their entire organizations to how their customers want them to behave...
Read the full article on Forbes.