Monday’s TalkCast

Monday is my TalkCast on Aligning Sales and Marketing hosted by Product Strategy Network.  The format is an open audience discussion versus presentation by PowerPoint.  I'm looking forward to this as discussions with active audience participation are always richer.  We'll still focus on making the key points actionable.  As of Friday morning, almost 100 people had signed up for this free event.  The more the merrier. But people need to sign up prior to the event in order to participate. Here's the link

New Article and September TalkCast on Sales & Marketing

This week has been busy. My writings about Sales & Marketing alignment continue to receive positive feedback.  Product Strategy Network has invited me to do an open forum TalkCast on September 14th.  After an interview we'll open the call to questions and discussion with the audience.  The TalkCast is free to PSN members and available to the public for a fee at  I'm looking forward to more deeply exploring this critical topic with you.