Time to Pull Up Our Socks

Like most people, I have one eye on the debt ceiling and unemployment debate.  Sorting reality from spin and the juvenile drama reminds me of decades ago university student government meetings.  It's also reminiscent of some management team meetings where one spends enormous energy sorting the facts from all the hooey. What strikes me as troublesome is the colossal disconnect between the perspectives of government, companies and the general public. Their focus is telling of the disconnect: The next election cycle, next financial earnings report, and when the next set of bills are due.  The lack of common ground or shared goals between these three perspectives is undermining our future.  

The Creative Destruction of Marketing

In 1942, Joseph Schumpeter introduced the economic concept of creative destruction.  He theorized that radical innovation triggers transformation in economies as well as companies.  Innovation is the force that sustains long term economic growth even as it destroys the value of established companies.  This is an apt description of what is happening to marketing today.  Social media, interactive marketing, revenue cycle optimization, and innovation management are radical innovations triggering the wholesale transformation of marketing.