Should Sales Own Customer Experience?

Closing deals and driving revenue has been at the top of the agenda since the dawn of commerce. However, the sense of urgency and bewilderment about how to grow a company is at an all time high. As I recently blogged,experiments with Chief Revenue Officers have largely failed  with the burden for revenue falling, historically, most heavily on sales, even if sometimes unfairly...... Read the full article on Forbes.

Thinker, Blamer, Junkie

Here's some good news in this perilous economic climate: The need to do more with less -- and faster -- is bringing sales and marketing teams together.  Aligning sales and marketing requires a mindset change from scarcity of resources to be fought over to one of abundance achieved through partnership.  If you're in marketing, and want to align with sales, sparking the conversation can be daunting because some sales leaders are thinkers, some are blamers and some are what we might call junkies.