October Outlook

September has been a busy month. The feedback from the sales & marketing webinar with PSN and the articles was - "We want more".  More details, more 'how-tos'.   So pen in hand, the weekends have been dedicated to writing several articles. The article on joint sales & marketing campaign management will be published by PSN in October or November.  The article on Marketing compensation models is also in the works.  And I just wrapped up a webcast with Rod Sloane in the UK; he's a smart chap.  

Monday’s TalkCast

Monday is my TalkCast on Aligning Sales and Marketing hosted by Product Strategy Network.  The format is an open audience discussion versus presentation by PowerPoint.  I'm looking forward to this as discussions with active audience participation are always richer.  We'll still focus on making the key points actionable.  As of Friday morning, almost 100 people had signed up for this free event.  The more the merrier. But people need to sign up prior to the event in order to participate. Here's the link https://bit.ly/15o8B6.