Is Your Org Chart Driving Customers Away?

Companies today accept an abhorrent level of dysfunction as the status quo. Studies show that knowledge-workers spend half their day in meetings and employee engagement is at an all-time low. More people than ever hate their jobs and many feel they are drowning in bureaucracy and politics.  It affects everything: the top-line, the bottom-line and employee esteem.... Read the full article on Forbes.

Why Mergers Kill Customer Value

The M&A season is underway. Dell is looking at a $24 billion private equity deal that will privatize the company. Berkshire Hathaway is looking to buy H. J. Heinz, the ketchup brand, for $23 billion. Liberty Global wants to buy Virgin Media, a British cable provider, for $16 billion. US Airways and American Airlines are merging to form the world’s largest airline..... Read the full article on Forbes.

Our 4-Step Method for Getting Customer Centric

There's a lot of discussion in marketing communities about how important the customer is and the role of customer experience programs, but few offer a prescriptive pathway to improving customer centricity; Probably because the exact steps that need to be taken are not as obvious as it is in other aspects of business. The CEO may know that their corporate culture needs to be adjusted to focus more on the customer, instead of internal politics, but not what steps to take to achieve a cultural transition.   One of the ways New Business Strategies differs from other customer experience and business strategy consultancies is our concrete methodology for consistently aligning organizations with their buyers with pre-built programs we have implemented before. Everything about our methodology is based on our Sellers' Compass, which provides a framework to map the journey buyers go through in their lifecycle as a prospect and customer. Clients that understand what influences a buyer's decision to buy, renew and evangelize their products develop a North star that guides their path to aligning with the customer's decisions that contribute to revenue.   I'm happy to announce today that we have finally committed our methodology to paper in a new whitepaper that serves as the industry's first actionable, how-to for building a customer-centric organization.   Read the whitepaper at:

Don’t Waste Innovation On Products

Innovation will never die, but we need to take a broader view of it; a view where the product and technology is just one component of innovating a remarkable, meaningful and valued customer experience. Innovation can take place in business models, culture, delivery methods or support. Innovation is not about invention – not in the way we think of invention anyway..... Read the full article on Forbes.

Jerry Maguire Didn’t Sell Smart

To any sales people a truly qualified lead is gold. It’s a simple request of Marketing. Yet that request is often the wellspring from which great animosity and frustration is born. Absent qualified marketing leads, Sales becomes a primordial hunter of two clues: Trigger events that indicate a sales opportunity is brewing, and a way to reach the right person. Jerry Maguire built his business using brute force; identifying a trigger event has been hit or miss. The amount of heavy lifting required to find enough of these clues to fill a salesperson’s pipeline is daunting... Read the complete post on Forbes.