Customer Experience: Is It The Chicken or Egg?

Companies are starting to see the light. They are embracing the principles that Apple, Google, and Philips Electronics have been advocating for a long time – differentiate yourself based on the experience you deliver to customers; not on the products you sell. According to a CEI Survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. But only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. These statistics highlight the magnitude of the growth opportunity before us. What if you just increased the percentage of consistently happy customers by 5%?.... Read the full article on Forbes.

Jerry Maguire Didn’t Sell Smart

To any sales people a truly qualified lead is gold. It’s a simple request of Marketing. Yet that request is often the wellspring from which great animosity and frustration is born. Absent qualified marketing leads, Sales becomes a primordial hunter of two clues: Trigger events that indicate a sales opportunity is brewing, and a way to reach the right person. Jerry Maguire built his business using brute force; identifying a trigger event has been hit or miss. The amount of heavy lifting required to find enough of these clues to fill a salesperson’s pipeline is daunting... Read the complete post on Forbes.

What does the Extinction of Dinosaurs and Social Business Have in Common?

A failure to adapt is the failure to survive. In the 1920s the average lifespan of a company was seventy odd years, today its fifteen years according to Dave Gray of Dachis Group. Organizations today are dinosaurs; stubborn, lumbering beasts fighting adaptation. Fortunately (or not) the 21st century is the equivalent of the Mesozoic age before the big meteor or [insert your favorite theory here] wiped the dinosaurs off the map. Social is today’s extinction event for organizations. Companies need to adapt or they will fail to survive… Read the complete post on Forbes.