New Business Strategies’ Christine Crandell Announced as Finalist for MarketingProfs Bright Bulb B2B Award

  Scotts Valley, CA SEPT. 28, 2013 — New Business Strategies™, a strategic marketing consultancy, today announced that Christine Crandell, its President and co-founder, were among the MarketingProfs Bright Bulb B2B Awards list of finalists announced this week. The Bright Bulb B2B Awards recognize brilliance, excellence, and innovation in B2B marketing. In general, MarketingProfs is looking to celebrate unique people and programs that can demonstrate measurable success. MarketingProfs' in-house team judged the entries, along with an external judging committee of marketing practitioners:

  • Alan Belniak—Director of Marketing Content, LogMeIn
  • Rohit Bhargava—Founder, Influential Marketing Group
  • Carissa Caramanis O'Brien—Social Media Community and Content Director, Aetna
  • Susan Emerick—Social Business Program Manager, IBM
  • Carlos Hidalgo—CEO, ANNUITAS
  • Erika Napoletano—RedHead Writing
  • Tim Washer—Social Media Manager, Cisco Systems
  • Nick Westergaard—Founder, Brand Driven Digital
B2B Luminary The B2B Luminary Award honors an innovative individual who has made a mark in B2B marketing this year.  The honoree is a true visionary in B2B marketing and is playing a significant role in its evolution. Finalists:
  • Christine Crandell—President, New Business Strategies
  • Sean Shoffstall—Chief Operating Officer, Ozone Online
  • Karen Thomas-Smith—Vice President Marketing, Accountable Care Solutions, Optum
James Crandell, Chairman of New Business Strategies, said, “We deeply appreciate this recognition of Christine by MarketingProfs.  She was the driver of our innovative Sellers’ Compass™ methodology which a proven blueprint to achieving predictable revenue growth. We’re proud Christine is a finalist as it validates her visionary thought-leadership role in enabling organizations to achieve record-level results." Winners will be announced in Boston on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at MarketingProfs 7thannual B2B Marketing Forum. About MarketingProfs With over half a million members, MarketingProfs is the largest community of marketers in the world. It provides the latest marketing know-how and "what works" in marketing with unparalleled breadth and depth: online and offline, strategic and tactical, to companies of all sizes and in all industries. MarketingProfs specialties include marketing, advertising, social media, email, search, SEO, digital marketing, online marketing, mobile, case studies, research, seminars, webinars, and conferences. About New Business Strategies New Business Strategies™ is a B2B strategy and customer experience consulting firm that helps companies achieve predictable revenue growth.  We Listen. We Craft. We Deliver.    

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