Social Media Intern job description 083013

Social Media Intern job description 083013

Title: Social Media and Internet Marketing Internship

Pay Level: $500/month for 8 hours/week

This is non-permanent contractor position.
Job Description:
Fast thinking, fast paced, thought leader strategy consulting boutique firm looking to contract an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the B2B digital media landscape, including various social media channels. The company is established strong brand presence and following on social media – LI, FB, Pinterest, Twitter and would like to launch a more focused, aggressive social media campaign that includes monthly outbound campaigns and newsletters. This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in working with a small team, learning B2B marketing and making a difference.

The intern for this position will need strong critical thinking, communication, and writing skills and a self-starter work ethic to develop and integrate with our passionate team and drive the current social media activities to the next level. The job includes designing and executing the overall social media strategy for the balance of 2013 and 2014 including promotions, surveys, polls, daily publishing of past blog posts, bylines, interviews, etc. as well as contribute to videos and content creation (like eBooks, etc.) in various ways.

• Twitter: On a daily basis (or scheduled via HootSuite) create tweet content, respond to tweets, RT where appropriate and follow competitors and leading thought leaders in the same market. Conduct polls, tweetchats, drive additional followers who are not spammers, and develop creative and interesting ways to engage with our audiences.
• Content creation: Take the lead on repurposing existing content into new forms – eBooks, educational PowerPoints, etc.
• Marketing campaigns: Develop a monthly newsletter that is short, entertaining and speaks to the problem NBS addresses. Achieve a target open rate for all lists of 20%. Work with Sales/BusDev to develop and drop monthly outbound lead generation campaigns utilizing existing assets as CTAs.
• Blogs: Identify relevant, current 3rd blog posts (that are highly trafficked) where NBS should post a response and identify 3rd party blogs where NBS posts can be syndicated, and manage syndication.
• LinkedIn: Completely rebuild the LinkedIn profile for NBS and give it an experience similar to, but different, from the Facebook experience.
• Pinterest: Develop a NBS page and a demand generation strategy with Calls-to-Action to drive traffic to NBS web pages.
• YouTube: Define a YouTube strategy and identify cost-efficient ways to develop an inventory of short, entertaining videos.
• Manage website meta tags, keywords and lead the SEO efforts to raise our web presence and placement on web searches.
• Facebook: Repost interesting stories from industry friends, NBS published content, launch polls and make the content richer. Complete the build out of the Facebook page including adding graphics. Develop creative ways to drive more ‘likes’ and followers within NBS’ target audiences. Hyperlink to client news.

• Students applying for this internship should be Marketing/Business, PR, or Communications major.
• 3 years experience on the Web as well as an interest in B2B business and strategy.
• Prior experience in B2B complex solution marketing would be a big plus.
• Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, HootSuite, WordPress.
• This position can be remotely located.

Reporting Relationship:

This position reports directly to the President of the company.
The position will collaborate with the firm’s other resources.

1. Self-disciplined, able to work independently, proficient in time management and self-starter looking to grow in the B2B marketing industry.
2. Highly organized, very detailed and an excellent communicator by email, phone and chat.
3. Able to successfully and simultaneously manage tasks of a broad variety in a timely and efficient manner.
4. Self confident enough to know when to ask for help and mature enough to realize that missed deadlines impact the business, clients and other people’s deadlines.
5. Positive attitude and history of strong work ethic.
6. Appropriate space from which to work as well as a computer, printer and internet connection.
7. Be able to provide examples of prior work products and 3 non-academic references.

To Respond:
Please send resume, cover letter, links to work products and 3 references to

Contact: Christine Crandell at 415.309.7017 and

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