SCservices-2-379x140Our Sellers’ Compass methodology is a proven strategy to that connects customer experience to revenue, driving more consistent and faster-growing business pipelines.

An independent case study conducted by MarketingSherpa found that New Business Strategies Sellers’ Compass™ services led to a 130% increase in lead quality and a 40% lift in Sales-accepted leads for a B2B mobile technology. Read the case study here.

“Our goal is to be a strategic partner that understands our customers’ business initiatives, and not just a vendor that sells products.”

Julie Gibbs, Former Vice President of Marketing, Good Technology Inc.

Today the buyer is in full control of their vendor relationships. Buyers are calling all the shots and their process is social, trust-based, self-direct and largely invisible to vendors competing for the buyers’ business. Driving revenue is dependent upon companies discovering and aligning their sales, marketing, and customer service to buyers expectations.

When companies align with the buyer’s expectations and their decision-making process, more buyers become customers; customers are willing to pay a premium, they remain loyal longer, and evangelize to others more frequently. Profitable customer relationships based on valued experiences, not product features, is the most important element to a vendor’s growth path and financial success.

New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass™ services are born from first-hand experience. The Services guides companies in enabling, engaging and building enduring customer relationships.

Our clients have realized substantial value from implementing the Sellers’ Compass, including:

• 30 to 75% increase in marketing ROI
• 100%+ increase in qualified leads
• 3 to 5 times pipeline velocity
• 310% increase in post-purchase customer engagement

Do this well and you’ll find customers are more loyal, will evangelize you, and will buy more – but you need a gameplan to follow.

Sellers' Compass

The Sellers’ Compass  Services packages the methodology into 3 sets of services covering the 5 method blocks: Journey, Experience, Alignment, Culture and Strategy.

Each service can be implemented independently once the baseline Journey method work has been conducted. This approach delivers the flexibility clients need to adopt the Sellers’ Compass at a pace and focus appropriate for their organization, customers and market. Each methodology block is defined by a set of activities supported by a clearly defined project plan of activities, deliverables and value points.

The Journey  service is the starting point of the Sellers’ Compass.

The Journey represents understanding the lifecycle of buyers. The focus of the Journey block is to develop a deep, intimate, and detailed understanding of the buyer’s expected experience over the lifecycle of the vendor relationship. This is achieved through ethnographic research methods that include qualitative one-on-one interviews, round-tables, co-creation sessions and more.

Using these and others techniques, New Business Strategies creates experience maps that document the buyer’s story and their expectations at each step in the process. These maps become the foundation for gap assessments that identify where the vendor’s practices, behavior, content, processes and interactions are not aligned with buyer expectations. Gap assessments identify the areas for improvement that will have the greatest impact on revenue, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

A trust map creates an understanding of how buyers go about developing trust in vendors. Trust maps are time as well as activity based. These maps enable sellers to understand how to modify their culture, processes, technology and content to build credibility and trust with buyers. Trust is a crucial component in developing enduring customer relationships.

These maps become the foundation for in-depth gap assessments to identify how well current vendor practices, behavior, content and interaction models align with buyer expectations. The assessments define the areas of improvement needed that will have the highest impact on revenue, loyalty and customer satisfaction. A trust map accompanies the experience map and details how the buyer goes about building trust in vendors and their employees. The trust map, in conjunction with the gap assessments, defines where vendor behavior, values and policies are counterproductive or inadvertently damage credibility.

The other four method blocks of the Sellers’ Compass are: Experience, Alignment, Culture and Strategy. Each method includes four deliverables that focus on aligning the sellers’ organization with different aspects of the customer experience. Through a series of maps, gap assessments, training and metrics, New Business Strategies has a structured approach that connects customer experience to revenue by optimizing a company’s culture, processes, technology and strategy for growth.

What differentiates the Sellers’ Compass from other approaches is:
• A holistic methodology for the customer experience ecosystem of people, process and technology
• Delivers specific guidance on how, and in what order, to invest in customer experience initiatives across multiple departments, functions and locations.
• Milestone-based, project approach to clearly demonstrate and measure progress made.
• Focuses on outcomes, values and experience that matters most to customers – today and in the future.

To learn more about the Sellers’ Compass, download the white paper.

Sellers’ Compass Overview

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