Christine Crandell, Speaker and award-winning thought leader, gives us inside access to the world’s most innovative companies and their secrets for success. Executives from B2B disruptor brands share marketing, sales and leadership stories, insights and best practices on how they became a successful brand.

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Disruptive Innovator Interview: Mark Lancaster, CEO, SDL Group

“Traditionally an advertising strategy, Omnichannel marketing is rapidly eclipsing all modern marketing concepts by delivering impressive revenue conversion by leveraging micro-segmentation coupled with hyper-personalization that includes all channels. Sounds simple, right? Join Christine as she interviews SDL founder and CEO Mark Lancaster about what omnichannel marketing really means, how it differs from other marketing models and what it takes for a brand to adopt it and have it drive revenue. This 25-minute video interview with 5 minutes of audience Q&A will explore what drove the market to shift to omnichannel, how their customers have made the transition along with the ROI, and best practice advance on how every marketer can leverage this new marketing approach.”



Disruptive Innovator Interview: Lisa Arthur, CMO, and Jeffrey Jones, VP Solutions, of Teradata

“Helping is the new selling” took hold in 2012 as an effective way to engage prospects and shorten sales cycles. For many organizations, this concept replaced traditional product-centric sales and marketing techniques and provided amazing results, but this approach is still viewed with skepticism for most sales and marketing leaders. Join Christine Crandell as she interviews Teradata’s Lisa Arthur, CMO, and Jeff Jones, VP of Solution, about how Teradata defined their services-selling path. They will discuss how this strategic business focus gave their field team access to the C-Suite of the world’s largest organization(s) which led to its explosive growth in the big data market. This 25-minute video interview with 5 minutes of audience Q&A will explore how the services-selling approach can be adopted by any company, how to get the entire organization behind this approach, and some best practices to follow.


Disruptive Innovator Interview: Tony Zingale, Chairman, and Elisa Steele, President, of Jive Software

Over the past decade the Chief Marketing Officer (“CMO”) role has come under intense scrutiny and been hotly debated as to what the metrics, competencies and role should be. It’s a given CMOs must sign up for a revenue number, what’s not clear is if they should own the customers’ experience and how to measure the role. For organizations embracing customer-centricity, defining marketing’s role is critical.The 20 minute video interview with 10 minute audience Q&A will explore how the CMO role has changed, what CEOs expect from marketing and what marketers need to do meet internal and external expectations.


Disruptive Innovator Interview: Demandbase

Many of today’s B2B marketers and sales teams are going full-speed ahead to implement the newest social technologies and run complex nurture campaigns. Unfortunately, results often don’t live up to expectations. Is it because they need more content or better marketing and sales integration? Some might say “yes,” but those are missing the most important step of the customer acquisition process: Knowing Your Buyer. In this 30 minute video interview with Christine Crandell and Amit Varshneya, Vice President, Consulting Services, Demandbase have a lively debate.



Disruptive Innovator Interview: Greg Ott

Growth-hacking rose to prominence in 2010 as a model to rapidly grow a company through unconventional techniques. The concept caught on with marketers at large and small companies as well as its fair share of detractors. In this spirited interview, Christine Crandell discusses with Greg Ott, Intuit’s VP of Marketing for QuickBooks Online, growth-hacking’s applicability to larger organizations and if it can help to reverse Marketing’s cred as corporate bad boy. The 30 minute video interview with audience Q&A will also explore how technology drives change companies may not be ready for and how marketers can turn to their advantage.