WomensRadio: Christine Crandell: The New Normal for Business

What will tomorrow bring? What will be the new normal? Are we going back to yesterday?  In an interview with Nan McKay, Christine Crandell tells us in a fascinating podcast on the 6 Megatrends of the New Normal! Listen as she explains each megatrend– and helps portend the future!  You can read and download her paper on the 6 Megatrends at www.TrailBlazersImpact.com under Blogs.

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NuSpark “Fix the Convince” Podcast: Christine Crandell Interview – How to Maximize ROI & Revenue Generation with Marketing Mix Modeling


FoundersPlace.co Podcasts: Christine Crandell Interviews

What’s the “C” in CMO? Apparently, a decline has been seen in the role of the CMO in the organization and this may not be a trend to just brush aside. In this Toddcast episode, let’s dig deep and find out how we can turn things around.



“The intersection of customer experience is sustainability. It may sound like it’s not relevant to a lot of people but it is. It is the hidden tsunami that is going to knock people right out apart. It’s the next age of customer experience,” these are the words of Christine Crandell a business strategist who will tell us in this episode how businesses can survive in this age of stiff competition and increasing market volatility. 

The Price of Business – Christine Crandell Interview

An interview conducted with Kevin Price on the Price of Business – KTEK 1110 AM/Wall Street Radio Network. Christine Crandell discusses what customer experience is and why B2B companies should embrace it, as well as the impact of Good Technology implementing New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass on marketing ROI and sales pipeline. New Business Strategies and the type of companies her firm works with were also covered.

The Price of Business: Gavin Finn of Kaon Interactive

Gavin Finn, chief executive officer, of Kaon Interactive was interviewed about what’s wrong with the sales enablement function in most companies.   Gavin talked about the need to shift the model on its head and enable customers and prospects.  Companies need to focus more on developing tools and experiences that help buyers achieve their own outcomes instead of spending lots of money developing sales tools that are never used.  One example of a customer-centric sales tools is interactive applications where customers can interact with complex equipment via their tablets and smartphones, at their own pace.

The Price of Business: Marchai Bruchey of Thunderhead.com

Marchai Bruchey, chief customer officer, of Thunderhead.com was interviewed about the expectations customers have today that brands can follow them and interact across all channels.   Marchai also talked about how seller’s need to manage a fine line in personalizing content and communication with buyers.  Buyers welcome personalized messages and tailored content but if the seller reveals too much knowledge about the buyer, the buyer can easily become uncomfortable and abandon the brand.  We also talked about when is the right time for a company to bring on a customer officer.

The Price of Business: Joanne Black of Referral Selling

Joanne Black, renowned expert on Referral Selling and bestselling author was interviewed.  Joanne talked about why referral selling is more effective in today’s market of uber-connected and uber-informed customers as well why it plays such a key role in social selling.  She shares best practices and advice that B2B sales and CEOs should be keep in mind as they look at their 2014 selling strategies.   A must listen-to interview for anyone interested in improving sales’ predictability.

The Price of Business: Brian Carr of Appcelerator

Brian Carr, Chief Revenue Officer of Appcelerator was interviewed about how his role is all about delighting the customer and making sure the organization delivers a customer experience that is valued.  Brian talked about how his sales, marketing and customer service team had to rethink how they work together in order to deliver a seamless, meaningful experience to the company’s customers.  He also talked about how he had to tear down organizational silos, knock down barriers to delighting the customer, and realign all the functions outward to the buyers’ journey.

The Price of Business: Brian Goffman of LinkedIn

On September 30, 2013, Brian Goffman, Head of Enterprise Marketing at LinkedIn Corporation was interviewed about how LinkedIn is expanding into enterprise sales applications. Brian talks about the trend of social selling and how sales people are seven times more productive selling through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator than through traditional means like cold calling.   He also shares how rapidly LinkedIn is growing and the company’s new vision for itself and its member worldwide.

The Price of Business: Chris Golec of Demandbase

Chris Golec, Founder and CEO, Demandbase was interviewed on how  B2B personalized targeted advertising and content can dramatically change attraction and conversion rates.  The interview gets off to a rousing start with a discussion about those creepy B2C ads that follow viewers from site to site.  The conversation then turns to how B2B companies can deliver uniquely personalized content to target accounts based on where the buyer is in their journey.

The Price of Business: Jeff VanDeVelde of SunTrust Banks

Jeff VanDeVelde, Senior Vice President, Client Experience and Loyalty, SunTrust Banks, Inc. was interviewed.  Christine Crandell interviewed Jeff on how SunTrust used retooling its customer experience strategy from the ground up as a way to drive more revenue and build loyalty in an era of deep distrust of banks.  Jeff shares how they went about understanding customer expectations and the role their CEO and employees had in sustaining this new way of doing business.

The Price of Business: Tony Zingale of Jive Software

Tony Zingale, CEO of Jive Software was interviewed on how social networking can turn work into fun and drive 15 percent productivity increases.  Tony stirs things up right out of the box by pointing out how social communities are more effective  than email. He gives a great use case of how Jive impacts sales and helps them close deals faster by collaborating more effectively. We also talk about Jive’s new free app.

The Price of Business: Carol Snell of Sales Portal

Carol Snell, CEO of SalesPortal was interviewed about innovative new ways to use the call center to drive additional revenue.  This fast paced interview starts off with a lively discussion on how call centers are far from dead but are actually big growth areas.  Carol talked about the impact of mobile devices on call centers and new opportunities to do brand partnership marketing that drive significant additional revenue.

The Price of Business: Shashi Upadhyay of Lattice-Engines

Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice-Engines was interviewed.  The interview digs into the trends of Big Data and how this technology is used  by sales organizations.  Shashi talks about how insight into sales patterns can help sales teams improve their sales close rate by 2 to 3 times.

The Price of Business: Rob Tarkoff of Lithium Technologies

Rob Tarkoff, CEO and President of Lithium Technologies was interviewed. This fast paced, lively interview discussed the recent rise to importance of customer experience, how companies are going about understanding and delivering a consistent lifetime customer experience, how Lithium plays in this trends, and Rob’s advice for companies differentiating on their customer experience.

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