Media Awareness


For a B2B SaaS enterprise vendor, the challenge was to get traditional and social media to accept and support the company’s new transformation – in positioning, category, technology and differentiation.  Building credible aircover was crucial to driving revenue growth in new markets.

The result was an increase in coverage. As the increased coverage sustained, the team became more selective on story lines and media channels to further expand reach.


KPI Delivered:   65% increase in media coverage and brand recognition

Content Marketing


A B2B venture-backed MarTech vendor needed to address why their content marketing was not converting. Everyone in the company had an opinion about what content prospects ‘should’ receive and when. The result was frustration with results which led to a breakdown in cross-functional collaboration.

The result was a 40 percent increase content engagement rate measured in downloads, shares, and executed embedded CTAs.

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KPI Delivered:   40% increase in content engagement





Messaging and Positioning

A venture-backed SaaS social contact center vendor was preparing to launch a new product. The company had won several early customer pilots, none had yet expanded into large roll-outs.

The result was a measured increase in campaign productivity, specifically a 50 percent increase in MQL to SQL conversion which drove a measurable pipeline within 100 days of the engagement.


KPI Delivered:   50% increase in MQL to SQL conversion

Marketing Budget and Plans

In this early stage B2B2C eCommerce software company, marketing was everyone’s job and the CEO believed it was time to formalize the function. Before hiring the team, the CEO wanted a realistic plan and marketing budget to understand the level of investment and potential ROI.

We developed a detailed marketing plan for demand generation and nurture campaigns, partner events, tradeshows, content, website and sales tools.  A bottom up budget supported the plan along with a hiring plan.


KPI Delivered:  A practical marketing plan that could be realistically operationalized.

Demand Generation

A $50+ million global B2B SaaS vendor was focused on accelerating growth as well as predictability of marketing generated pipeline. The objective was to align campaigns closely to buyers’ journeys, especially content and CTAs to key micro-moments.

The result was after 90 days, a 130 percent increase in lead quality as measured in MQL-SQL-pipeline conversion. The team learned how to define specific campaigns and link them together into waterfalls based on buyer journey maps.

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KPI Delivered:   130% increase in lead quality and velocity