“New Business Strategies has helped me and my team to align sales and marketing, improve the predictability of our sales cycle, and sell more effectively to hyper-informed buyers, which are about everyone in today’s world.

In short, their approach and services work… with quick time-to-value. The philosophy around their Sellers’ Compass is so powerful, I have aligned my marketing, sales and supprot teams and processes to this approach to build more enduring and profitable customer relationships.”
Brian Carr, Vice President Sales, MobileIron

What every C-Suite wants..

Whether you’re the CEO, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Revenue Officer or Chief Marketing Officer there are three things that probably top your list of “must achieve”:

  1. More revenue, faster
  2. Happier customers that buy more, and often
  3. Empowered employees that know how and enjoy delighting customers

The Sellers’ Compass™ looks at the life cycle of customer journeys and marketing through the eyes of the buyer trying to solve their business challenges. By using our approach, brands more deeply understand how to become part of their buyers’ decision journey.

When companies align their people, process and technology with their buyers’ expectations, more buyers become customers.  We have repeatedly found that customers are willing to pay a premium, remain loyal longer, and evangelize brands more frequently when their experiences match their expectations. Profitable customer relationships based on valued experiences, not product features, is the key to any vendor’s growth and financial success.

The ROI of the Sellers’ Compass

Our clients have realized substantial value from hiring us:
• 30 to 75% increase in marketing ROI
• 100%+ increase in qualified leads
• 3 to 5 times pipeline velocity
• 310% increase in post-purchase customer engagement

Our four step approach and Sellers’ Compass™ methodology defines a clear, achievable path to success as a customer-aligned organization. With a focus on incremental change we lay a no-nonsense pathway to more revenue and loyalty that isn’t scary or overwhelming for employees.


4 steps to customer led


1. Learn
Spend 45-days learning about customer decision journeys, their expectations along the way and how they define value. The insight gained is immediately applied to demand generation, sales and customer onboarding programs. Our clients cite results of 100+% increases in program effectiveness.

2. Fix
Use the next 90 days aligning business processes, procedures and technology to customer engagement expectations and journey trigger points. Alignment identifies specifically how current business operations impede revenue and defines a clear action plan to institutionalize the ‘Learn’ insights. Our clients cite 40+% increase in marketing ROI and 20+% revenue increases.

3. Align
Invest 1 to 2 quarters focused on employee empowerment and skills development. Leading customer-led organizations require different skill sets, perspectives and performance metrics across the board. Coaching, training, and skills development is the first cornerstone of transformation.

4. Innovate
Spend the next 2 quarters co-creating, with your customers, a differentiated customer lifecycle experience which highlights innovative business models that capitalize on what drives brand preference. This second cornerstone of transformation reshapes your company strategy and business plans.

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