What we did:

For a B2B SaaS enterprise vendor, the challenge was to get traditional and social media to accept and support the company’s new transformation – in positioning, category, technology and differentiation.  Building credible aircover was crucial to driving revenue growth in new markets.

First, we researched and identified target personas’ preferred media channels, by georegion, including trade, industry, technology, and business outlets along with thought leaders and influencers.  We worked with client marketing team to set up alert tools for early spotting of relevant stories.

Second, we initiated weekly “news room” stand-up 30-minute sessions to identify relevant headlines and emerging news items where we could provide SME, data insights or a different, interesting angle. Being included in trending news stories really does drive higher inbound traffic levels and brand recognition than just product or company news. We proactively worked with customers, industry analysts and influencers to speak with top media reporters and editors.

For example, we focused media pitches around specific global supply chain failures such as tainted dog food or the impact of raw material shortages on market supply and pricing of popular consumer products.

Third, we coached the team on how to track coverage, sentiment and weekly briefing management and Sales. Field Marketing worked with Sales to share proactive coverage with prospects and customers; investor relations shared coverage with relevant Wall Street Analysts.

The result was an increase in coverage that was sustained after the project was completed. As the increased coverage sustained, the team became more selective on story lines and media channels to further expand reach.

KPI Delivered:   65% increase in media coverage and brand recognition

How we closed the skill gap:

Initially, we did the research to identify the emerging stories, target channels as well as socialized the concept with management and Sales. We led 30 minutes ‘news room’ sessions; as the team became more comfortable with the approach, WE shifted to a facilitation role.

As the program gained internal momentum, we introduced processes, templates and metrics to institutionalize it. The marketing team began to own the process and refined it even further, often inviting employees from other groups to participate.  This result was a 65% increase in coverage and successful adoption of the company’s new brand and market position.

“New Business Strategies is an amazing marketer. They create relevant and aggressive marketing strategies that capture the attention of broad global audiences as well as individuals in extremely obscure industries. Somehow they make it all work. They are not leery of challenges, in fact, I think they thrive on them.”   43PR, PR Agency Owner


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