What we did:

A venture-backed SaaS social contact center vendor was preparing to launch a new product. The company had won several early customer pilots, none had yet expanded into large roll-outs.

First, we conducted a competitive analysis. Additionally, we developed an in-depth market landscape that showed how emerging contact center and customer support trends may evolve directionally.

Second, we facilitated three messaging workshops with the management and marketing. The first workshop defined customer sought outcomes and company unique differentiators. The second refined the draft messaging and positioning statement from the first workshop.  The draft messaging was used by sales, business development and marketing to test with prospects.

Third, we guided marketing on executing a test plan across outbound and inbound campaigns. The test ran for 45 days and included A/B testing, keywords, and meta tags.  A third workshop combined everyone’s field-test feedback into a final corporate messaging document. The sales and marketing teams agreed that messaging should be reviewed every 90 days as the market matures.

The result was a measured increase in campaign productivity, specifically a 50 percent increase in MQL to SQL conversion which drove a measurable pipeline within 100 days of the engagement.

KPI Delivered:   50% increase in MQL to SQL conversion

How we closed the skill gap:

The client had one junior marketing resource at the beginning of the project. We rolled-up its sleeves and conducted most of the tasks.  On specific tasks like competitive analysis, we shared templates and coached the marketing team member on how to complete tasks, with frequent check-ins.

As new marketing team members were onboarded in PR and campaigns, we brought them up to speed on project objectives and progress to date. We transitioned tasks and responsibilities to new team members and shifted our focus to results measurement.

“New Business Strategies … institutionalized a messaging discipline and process excellence in our marketing organization. When we were going through the tough transition … to becoming a software-as-a-service provider, their creativity in messaging, team leadership and process orientation enabled us to communicate the power of spend management to both SMB and Enterprise audience. They brought a calm and methodical problem-solving approach to some of the most complex go-to-market challenges we’ve faced during that transition.”   VP Product Solutions

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