What we did:

A $50+ million global B2B SaaS vendor was focused on accelerating growth as well as predictability of marketing generated pipeline. The objective was to align campaigns closely to buyers’ journeys, especially content and CTAs to key micro-moments.

First, we developed outside-in, detailed journey maps for two target markets and the top 3 buying group personas. Using our Sellers’ Compass™ approach , we accomplished this in 45 days. Each detailed journey map defined each stages’ step, buyers’ action, sought content (regardless of source), and outcome from the Trigger Event through Purchase.

Second, we facilitated working sessions to identify the steps within each journey stage that could be effectively influenced by marketing. The team then identified the best content – influencer, UGC, company – and for each step. The result was a play-by-play map of how marketing could enable buyers on their journey from trigger event to purchase.

Third, we coached the team on how to use the play-by-play map with the detailed buyer journey maps to define specific campaigns and link them together into waterfalls. While everyone’s natural tendency is to develop complex waterfalls, our advice is to keep it simple. There is plenty of opportunity to become more sophisticated as proficiency is gained in orchestration and measuring results.

After 90 days the result was 130 percent increase in lead quality as measured in MQL-SQL-pipeline conversion and pipeline close rate of marketing generated leads.

KPI Delivered:   130% increase in lead quality and velocity

How we closed the skill gap:  

We conducted the journey mapping exercise from recruitment, interviewing through analysis. In each interview, a marketing or sales team member silently joined to listen in on customer comments. We shared with the client team the tools and templates used to develop the journey maps.

Once the journey maps were complete and internally socialized with leadership, we shared the findings, processes and techniques with the internal team and coached them on how to develop the play-by-play maps, define campaigns and connect them into waterfalls. Our philosophy is that hands-on learning is the most effective way to develop and retain new skills.

“…We used New Business Strategies’ to help us Journey Map as a foundation to build our content strategy AND mix initiative.  This is really about understanding our customer, their needs, buying process and decision. Without their Sellers’ Compass® service we can only GUESS.”   VP of Marketing

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