What we did:

A B2B venture-backed MarTech vendor needed to address why their content marketing was not converting. Everyone in the company had an opinion about what content prospects ‘should’ receive and when. The result was frustration with results which led to a breakdown in cross-functional collaboration.

First, we laid out an approach that was grounded in data. The starting point was to coach marketing, product marketing and inside sales on the benefits and how to conduct a content audit.

Second, we analyzed web analytics to understand how each asset performed by channel, industry, and campaigns.  We formed a client sub-team tasked with determining the root cause of poor performing assets – out of date, not used, ineffective SEO/keywords, stage/persona mismatch, etc.

Third, we partnered with Sales and Ops to build journey maps that identified the key micro-moments and the associated high value content (and channel) buyers sought, regardless of source. The journey maps and content inventory were brought together to redefine the specific assets to be used in TOFU, MOFU, BOFU and nurture campaigns. The result was a list of assets that needed to be redeveloped into short videos and over 50 assets that could be retired because prospects didn’t look for them during their journeys.

A 40 percent increase content engagement rate was realized in downloads, shares, and executing embedded CTAs. The improved performance came from better matching of relevant content and channel to target personas at specific journey micro-moments.

KPI Delivered:   40% increase in content engagement

How we closed the skill gap:

We provided templates and best practices along with step-by-step instructions. By working shoulder to shoulder with teams, client personnel learned by doing in a safe environment.

We worked with management and team members to overcome biases that contributed to content bloat and how to use journey stage specific metrics to make content strategy data-driven.  By positioning client personnel to successfully complete tasks and present findings to leadership, their personal confidence increased along with ownership of new processes and skills.

“New Business Strategies brought us a deep understanding of the B2B relationship marketing space.  They supported our US market entry with high quality thought leadership that supported our positioning as an innovator in marketing automations.”   Chief Marketing Officer

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