What we did:

In this early stage B2B2C eCommerce software company, marketing was everyone’s job and the CEO believed it was time to formalize the function. Before hiring the team, the CEO wanted a realistic plan and marketing budget to understand the level of investment and potential ROI.

First, we conducted a quick assessment including a competitive analysis, messaging/positioning, content and demand funnel review.  We also worked with product marketing and business development leaders to define four marketing metrics that supported the business plan.

Second, we developed three high-level marketing scenarios along with discretionary spend estimates. These spend plans were benchmarked against industry averages and similar sized companies in their market.  This enabled the management team to make data-driven decisions on the tradeoffs they needed to be made to fund marketing.

Third, based on the investment decision made by the leadership, we developed a detailed marketing plan for demand generation and nurture campaigns, partner events, tradeshows, content, website and sales tools.  A bottom up budget supported the plan along with a recommended marketing hiring plan and job descriptions.

The result was a practical marketing plan that met the company’s business objectives and one which they could realistically operationalize with the available resources.

How we closed the skill gap:

Based on the initial assessment, we developed a shared understanding of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses and what marketing needed to achieve to meet business objective. That helped the management team to focus on priorities and investment tradeoffs.

We worked hand-in-hand with cross-functional teams to develop the scenarios, underlying assumptions and supporting budget estimates. The experience gave employees a real-world understanding of the linkage between investment, activity and business objectives.  The final detailed line item budget was developed by the client with we review.

“New Business Strategies is one of the finest technology strategists whose plans are creative, differentiated, and tied to tactics for immediate results. They are extremely thorough in analyses, even on a compressed timetable. They have a commanding knowledge of the strategies and tactics of other successful competitors, to ensure that yours is unique and will survive their retaliation.”   VP of Marketing

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