In this fast-paced training course, you will learn how to develop a content strategy that increases builds early preference for your brand and your B2B sales team’s ‘at bats’ and close rates.

From our work with Fortune 1000 customers in high tech, discrete manufacturing, Fintech, education and professional services we help you understand what and how content accelerates sales cycles and how to influence purchase decisions.  Using tools from the Sellers’ Compass™, in this course you’ll learn:

  • Content that accelerates customers through their decision processes and how to leverage customer decision tollgates.
  • Tools by working with your own or a real-world case study in group and individual exercises.
  • How to develop a content plan that doesn’t overwhelm resources by learning how to create content that customers value, seek, and trust.
  • How to measure content’s impact on lead conversion and what metrics measure lead velocity and brand preference.
  • Get to buy-in from the rest of your organization and how to coach Sales on what content to offer and when.


What Is the ROI from this course?

At the conclusion of the course and from ongoing use of what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to:

  • How to increase the effectiveness of content by 50+%.
  • Develop content that converts from customer decision journeys.
  • Determine what content to offer to whom and when that accelerates lead velocity by 2x

Download the Content That Converts datasheet on this course

What Will I Learn?

The Five – Whys of Content
Introduction to Sellers’ Compass: Your Decoder Ring
How Content Drives Customers’ Decision Journey
What Analytics Tell You About Content Effectiveness
How to Build Trusted Content
Using Tollgating to Drive Conversion
Content ROI
Organizational Buy-in


Who Should Attend?

Content Creators Field Marketing
Content Marketing Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty
Digital Marketing Demand Generation
Community Managers Customer Marketing


Download the Content That Converts datasheet on this course

What is the price?

Our public in-person courses are $795 per person / per course.

Download the Content That Converts datasheet on this course


  • If three or more people from the same organization register at the same time for a course, each person will receive a $100 discount on their registration or that course.
  • If you register for multiple courses at the same time, you will receive a $100 discount per course.
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Upon completion of this course you’ll receive a certificate and course workbook with tools.

How to Register?

Contact us at 415.309.7017