Strategy is a hot topic. In an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world, executing the right strategy is critical.

Strategy gives an organization a clear sense of purpose and path to fully achieving their goals. To be effective it needs to be concise, measurable and focused on only those activities that spell the difference between success and lackluster results.

New Business Strategies’ has developed strategic plans for over 35 B2B public and venture- and private equity back companies worldwide and participated in due-diligence or integration of over 20 M&A transactions. Our fast, proven and concise process helps management choose the best direction for the organization, define how to get there, align and focus resources on achieving measurable and time-bound objectives.

“New Business Strategies is one of the few firms I would have trusted to help us create that (strategic) action plan. They are highly experienced in the workings of a software company, so there isn’t a ramp-up issue there. Plus, they can evaluate you objectively within the environment you’re in.” 
Tom Hennings, CEO, Foray Technologies

Our Approach:

New Business Strategies’ approach is a logically structured, step-by-step process that helps operating managers take a hard look at their business, competition, current resources, emerging trends and risks. We help you choose where you want your organization to go, helps you define how to get there, and helps focus your resources.

Our approach is a process, a framework, and inventory of powerful tools to guide leaders in:

  • Evaluating the current situation,
  • Develop creative, unconventional strategies, and
  • Implementing the resulting plans.

New Business Strategies helps you add realistic, practical strategy to operations.

Read what our clients say about working with us.

“New Business Strategies helped us develop and operationalize a strategic plan that guided and aligned departmental and employee contribution plans. They trained us on the approach so we can own it going forward and coached our leaders and employees on how to define strategies and tactics that achieve objectives key to our continued growth.  We could not have achieved the top-to-bottom organizational alignment and transparency in results without New Business Strategies’ coaching, drive and commitment to our and the plan’s success.”
Susan Kreusch, Chief Financial Officer, MacFarlane Partners

New Business Strategies’ role is to facilitate. We manage the process, we make available and use the appropriate tools and research.  We add the strategic expertise and experience and the objectivity of an external perspective.

The methodology we use is the Focus Framework to achieve key needle-movers. The result is an evergreen “plan on a page” with full organizational buy-in. New Business Strategies’ approach enables operating executives to develop realistic strategies that are grounded in shared vision, common understanding, and agreed upon plans.

We typically develop a strategic plan in a series of workshops, each corresponding to a stage in the approach. The final deliverable is a one-page graphic plan that includes the mission, externally-oriented qualitative goals, internally-oriented quantifiable objectives, strategies and action plans to implement the strategies.

Our Differentiation:

New Business Strategies stands apart from other consultants through:

  • The principles of cooperation and facilitation
  • Emphasis on establishing a foundation of shared values and purposes
  • Ability to design systems to implement chosen strategies
  • Certainty that change will not mean loss of control

The result is unconventional, competitive advantage.