“New Business Strategies brings a depth of resources and experience to their work. They are creative and fast moving and can work within a budget as well.”
Brad Messerli, Board of Director & Founder, Nimbus

Sales and Marketing Alignment

One of the biggest challenges to growth is when sales and marketing don’t or can’t work as partners.  The root causes include lack of agreement on lead definition, hand-off processes and system gaps to differing team cultures, compensation and language.

With our alignment services we get everyone on the same page focused on achieving shared goals instead finger-pointing.  We have successfully helped sales and marketing teams become effective partners around achieving revenue targets, ABM/demand generation, lead scoring, hand-offs, and joint metrics reporting as well as how Marketing enables field sales and BDR/SDRs.

Sales & Marketing Assessment Marketing Playbook
Sales Enablement Programs Go To Market Strategy and Budgets
ABM & Demand Generation Target Markets and Market Strategy

For more on how we’ve aligned Sales and Marketing, check out our articles in the Resource Library, specifically “Three Metrics to Measure Sales and Marketing Alignment”.

Whether you’re looking to strengthening your marketing capabilities, invest to drive revenue, need to fill a short term skills or staffing gap, and/or you’ve been given a mandate to become customer-centric organization – our deep expertise, front-line experience, and a collaborative coaching philosophy drives revenue for growth stage, LOB, new corporate ventures and funded start-up companies. Results our clients realize:

Strategy and Planning

We have developed strategic plans for over 35 B2B companies worldwide and participated in due-diligence or integration of over 20 M&A transactions. The methodology we use is the Focus Framework to achieve key needle-movers. The result is an evergreen “plan on a page” with full organizational buy-in.

“New Business Strategies is one of the few firms I would have trusted to help us create that (strategic) action plan. They are highly experienced in the workings of a software company, so there isn’t a ramp-up issue there. Plus, they can evaluate you objectively within the environment you’re in.”
–  Tom Hennings, CEO, Foray Technologies

Mindshare and Reach 

Every company needs to get their name ‘out there’.  Too often companies fall into the self-promotion trap; it’s easy to do and feels good.  Success comes when you’re actively engaging in the channels where your customers and market influencers regularly tune into with messages that peak their interest.

Over the past two decades we’ve mastered how to harness engagement, education and entertainment to drive credibility, reach and mindshare.  Our secret sauce is knowing how to ‘hook’ on the right trending stories in that your customers are reading and create media ‘pull’ interest in you.

Messaging & Positioning PR & Crisis Management
Influencer & AR Programs Social Media Content and Streams
Executive Visibility SEO/SEM

We’d love to share with you the Ariba, Social Dynamx , or Bluescape story.  Check out one of our many articles – “How to get what you want from analyst relations”.

Demand Generation

Marketers are increasingly measured on their contribution to pipeline. The reality is they carry a revenue number – 25 to 50% – depending on the industry.  The best performing campaigns mirror segment journey maps with CTAs tied to key buyer micro-moments.  And they need to be segmented and personalized for each persona in the buying group and what they care.

Our demand generation services help clients operationalize journeys and coordinate engagement across all possible touchpoints to increase conversion but also preference.  That includes branding and creative assets which we bring to clients through our partnership with some of the best small agencies.

Lead Nurturing & Field Marketing Programs Waterfall Campaigns
Website Strategy & Design Content Marketing
Brand Design Product & Market Launches

“New Business Strategies’ impressive understanding of the market and the forces shaping the industry are an incredible asset to any company, start-up or established, which takes advantages of it. NBS not only provided us with invaluable guidance, but was also instrumental in putting together a multi-million dollar deal with a leading player in the market, which was win-win for all parties.”
– Amir Assar, VP of Sales, Adaptive Insights

Let’s talk about how your pipeline is converting. Also check out our How-To-Guides in the Resource Library, specifically “Improving Campaign Conversion with Journey Maps” and “Creating Content That Converts Into Revenue”.

What Kind of ROI Can You Expect?

  • 300% increase in email open and click thru rates.
  • 100% increase demand and customer marketing results.
  • 40% increase in marketing ROI.
  • 30% increase in sales pipeline.
  • 20% increase in year/year revenue.

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