Client Study: New Pig

Read how New Pig used New Business Strategies’s to define a new content strategy that customers valued and validate it with customer co-creation session.

Client Study: Lithium Technologies

Read how Lithium used New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass journey mapping to understand why two strategic market segments were not growing and how to fix that by aligning waterfall campaigns to key micro-moments.

“We’re using New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass as a foundation to build our content strategy AND mix initiative. This is really about understanding your customer, their needs, buying process and decision making that gets to an outcome. Without it we can only GUESS what that is.”
Vice President Marketing

Client Study: DNN Corporation

Read how DotNetNuke used New Business Strategies to create the business plan for a crucial partnership with Microsoft.

“I would highly recommend New Business Strategies to companies that are embarking on any strategic business initiative. They are very competent, put the client’s needs first, and work very well as a team.”

Client Story: Social Dynamx

Read how Social Dynamx used New Business Strategies to create an ‘out of the box’ go-to-market plan that place positioned this start-up as a market leader – and caught the attention of Lithium.

“New Business Strategies is a high-delivery, low-risk resource that I recommend to any technology company that is looking to improve Marketing ROI, create a market shaping vision and/or remove revenue generating obstacles.”

Client Story: Good Technology

Read how Good Technology leveraged New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass(TM) to create actionable buyers’ journeys and redefine how marketing drives revenue.

“We’ve been growing fast and needed to ensure we optimized the productivity and efficiency of our expanding Sales and Marketing teams, so we engaged New Business Strategies to create an aligned organization with shared goals. Together, we developed and implemented critical business processes, new systems, and shared metrics and dashboards that enable our marketing and sales teams and our company to grow and scale. We could not have achieved this in less than 6 months without New Business Strategies’ drive and commitment to our success.”
SVP Marketing and Product Management

Client Study: Oracle Corporation

Read how Oracle used New Business Strategies to develop a mid-market strategy that included how to work better with partners to drive more revenue.

“New Business Strategies performed a large number of interviews and found out what they were doing on a day-to-day basis trying to sell to this market. It was extremely valuable information, very much in part because it was outside of the Oracle perspective. We got great results.”
Director Market Analysis

Client Study: Rapt

Read how New Business Strategies helped Rapt objectively identify and assess the related adjacent markets and the impact they could have on the San Francisco start-up allowing them to characterize and divide their product strategy and short and long term goals.

“New Business Strategies was able to do what we weren’t — to stand back and objectively identify and assess the other related markets we were bumping up against and what impact they could have on us.”
Vice President of Marketing