Develop a Winning Content Strategy that Customers Value


New Pig is a leading manufacturer of leak and spill, environmental health and safety (EH&S) products for businesses and industrial operations. Purchased by procurement, facilities, manufacturing and EH&S directors, a core part of New Pig’s brand and reputation is to deliver a positive, memorable customer experience through top quality products, great service and people.

The challenge facing New Pig was that their customers’ journey was changing in ways they didn’t understand. One tell-tale sign was their historically well performing large inventory of content was performing poorly.


  • Define a content strategy to increase customer engagement.
  • Develop persona journey maps to define content needed at key micro-moments.


New Business Strategies® was retained to discover why content was not performing and define a new content strategy. Doug Laplante, New Pig’s vice president of strategy, had a hypothesis that there were only a handful of very specific topics that customers were looking for and not getting from New Pig; the key was to discover those specific technical topics.

New Business Strategies interviewed 300 current, former and non-customer buyers across three personas between Thanksgiving and mid-December. The qualitative interviews focused on discovering, in detail, what content was sought, regardless of source, at each step in the purchase journey stage.

The journey maps documented that all buyers routinely sought regulatory compliance articles, customer stories, and technical how-to content. Also, customers expected New Pig to provide more extensive information and analysis on emerging federal and state regulations coupled with compliance advice and New Pig product recommendations

Laplante questioned the findings as they were not what he expected.  New Business Strategies conducted internal and customer co-creation workshops to validate the findings.  Customers in the co-creation workshop were asked to identify high value content they sought, regardless of source, for each journey step. They were then asked to define their ideal content engagement, by journey step, from New Pig.  The results validated New Business Strategies’ journey and contents maps as well as the overall project findings.

The customers defined in detail a robust content system around regulatory notification and compliance. To New Pig management team’s surprise, the customers expressed a willingness to pay for this content and even sketched out a revenue model for New Pig.


  • High level and detailed buyers’ journey maps of key micro-moments and content for EH&S, Operations/Maintenance and Procurement personas in North America.
  • New content strategy that defined assets to archive, update and create.
  • Waterfall campaign strategy aligned to journey maps and content to CTA/micro-moments.
  • Specific drivers of customer satisfaction, churn, and long term loyalty.
  • Actionable recommendations on customer interaction expectations.

The results provided a ‘go forward’ roadmap for more effective marketing campaigns, ecommerce user experiences, and how to improve the customer success function.