Turning “customer engagement” into Revenue


Lithium Technologies, is a software platform that enables brands to support, serve and engage customers across digital channels. Rob Tarkoff, then CEO, and Katy Keim, CMO, needed to understand why two high-potential vertical markets had slow adoption and what marketing could do differently.


  • Gain a deep, actionable understanding of key target market buyers’ journeys,
  • Increase conversion by aligning campaigns to key micro-moments, and
  • Drive revenue velocity by helping Marketing operationalize journey maps.


New Business Strategies® gave the Lithium team a clear, easy to understand step-by-step approach with the Firm’s Sellers’ Compass™. The starting point was journey mapping Retail and Financial Services buyers in North America and Europe. Detailed and comprehensive insights were quickly captured from customers and non-customers with qualitative interviews conducted over a few weeks.

The journey maps were inputs to in-depth gap analyses to identify key micro-moments and where segmentation, campaigns and content did not align with customer expectations. For example, a core Lithium belief was this was a discretionary purchase made by the community manager. New Business Strategies found that the purchase decision, regardless of industry or geography, was considered strategic and directly tied to the customers’ strategy with the CMO and CEO as sponsors, regardless of company size. The most common trigger event, that handful of situations that are a journey catalyst, was a significant failed customer service event at the customer or industry peer.

Personas were defined for each target industry, geography and company size along with the degree of influence each persona had on the purchase decision. Working with demand generation and content teams, New Business Strategies defined how to close the gaps in customer interaction expectation at key micro-moments.


  • High level and detailed buyers’ journey maps and key micro-moments for Retail and Financial Services buyers in North America and Europe.
  • Developed vertical content map and messaging.
  • Increased conversion by aligning campaigns to key micro-moments, CTA strategy, and tightened sales qualification criteria.

The result was a roadmap for Lithium marketing and demand generation campaigns that increased pipeline within the two target markets.