Mi6 and I talk Alignment

In this episode of the the B2B Specialists podcast Chris Herbert of Mi6 interviews me.   Get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger and enjoy the interview.

NOTE: There may be a 30-60 second commercial that precedes the interview

00:01 We learn a bit about Christine’s experience, background and her research and successes on sales and marketing alignment. Christine believes that B2B marketing is at a key junction in its evolution within companies.

02:40 Christine identifies key symptoms and causes of misalignment. They include: lack of understanding of how customers buy and want to be marketed to, obsession with internal alignment of functional groups and internal conflict caused by zero sum game budgets.

6:45 We turn the conversation to the role CEOs have to play to ensure sales and marketing alignment can be achieved. It’s a combination of past experience, culture and accountability. (For a post on this topic see below)

10:45 Christine describes the three stages companies go through in the journey to marketing and sales alignment. Knowing what stage a company is in helps determine what they need to do in order to move the needle to alignment. She uses “all hands meetings” as an example activity and when it’s best used in the alignment process. (For a post on this topic see below)

16:46 We move the conversation metrics. This was very interesting because Christine talks about what an aligned organization should be measuring. She talks about measuring end-to-end conversions, revenue diversity and outcome profitability (versus product profitability). Marketing needs to promote, communicate and position brands and solutions to specific outcomes. I’d like to explore this with Christine in another podcast because it’s very interesting. Marketing is at an important crossroad in today’s B2B organizations.

22:25 We talk about what Christine has planned next for her sales and marketing alignment research and how’s she is helping companies achieve alignment.

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Chris Herbert is the founder of Mi6. Mi6 is a B2B (Business to Business) marketing and business development agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands and develop commercial relationships. He is the founder of ProductCamp Toronto and the Hi-tech community Silicon Halton. He tweets under the handle @B2Bspecialist.

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