Keynoting DemandCon

There is a great new conference, DemandCon, coming to town that is dedicated to best practices for managing the end-t0-end revenue cycle.  May 18-20th at the Hilton, downtown San  Francisco, the conference is geared for sales and marketing folks.  (BTW, the hotel is almost sold out)  The conference organizers have one rule for the speakers – give the audience actionable advice they can implement the next day.

I’m honored to keynote Day 2 (May 19th) at the early hour of 8:00am.  Am secretly hoping that all the city bars close early the night before.   The keynote is about the people side of alignment and how to deal with it; euphemistically called the Clash of the Titans.

The six archetypes of sales and marketing folks will be discussed along with how to handle them as well as the natural pairing of archetypes.  A Thinker goes well with a Strategist.  A Tactican and Junkie fit naturally well. And a Blamer as well as an Egoist are misfits.   But I want to go further than that and talk about the role of the CEO in alignment. Because in the end if the company leader doesn’t ‘get it’, then the road to alignment looks very different based on what archetypes are roaming the halls.

Not sure if I’ll do slides as I have a particular aversion to death by PowerPoint.  But I discovered this nifty little tool I want to try – AutoTweet – which lets you send out pre-defined tweets, automatically, from your slide deck.  Either way at 8am the talk needs to be memorable and actionable.

If you’re attending and there is topic or idea you want to throw into my speech-ideation process – drop me a note or reply to this post.  Because at the end of the day, this speech is for you.

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