Brain Food for 2010

The holiday season is a wonderful time – family, good friends, great food and a time to rest and reflect on the year past and the one ahead.  It also offers us a great time to read new and classic books.  I call that food for the brain and catalysts for creativity.   A friend called 2009 a ‘character building’ year. I think of it as ‘the year the transformation began’.   Marketing is fundamentally transforming, sales & marketing alignment is on the C-suite’s agenda (finally), strategy formulation and operationalization is part of the CMO’s charter, and businesses around the world are embarking on a new cycle of innovation and growth.  If we’re fortunate, we could be entering a renaissance.

I’d like to share with you what I’m reading.  You might find one or two that become food for your brain and fuels your 2010 renaissance.  Amazon links are included.

Enjoy and happy holidays.


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