Doing Double Time

Aligning Sales and Marketing is on the top of every CEO’s list.  The state of the economy demands it, competitiveness requires it, and employees expect a healthy, collaborative company culture.   Alignment is achieved through culture, process and technology.  Much progress has been made in the last area – technology – with automated lead management and marketing automation systems.  Yet technology is not the cure all, you still need to transform your culture and processes.

There is a way to do double time on the road to alignment.  The heart of sales and marketing strife is this: of all the leads that Marketing brings into the pipeline, not that many actually result in booked revenue.  Collaborative Sales/Marketing councils which create and implement marketing campaigns can yield huge benefits. The councils change behavior through new processes and improve the top line at the same time.  

Read more about it in my latest article “Getting Sales to Improve Marketing’s Leads” published by Product Strategy Network.

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