New Article on Public Relations in the Digital Era

In talking about how to shape this website, a friend of mine recommended that I write about things that ‘bug me’.  Adrian Lane, who is now an industry analyst with Securosis (, knows me well.   I’ve been ‘bugged’ by PR for quite some time.   Customers and prospects want a dialog with their brands.  For companies, this is an easy way to get a gold mine of information on evolving needs, points of (dis)satisfaction and a way to strengthen customer loyalty through relationships.   Yet, companies and PR agencies insistent upon sticking to the broadcast, one-way, old way of doing PR.   Prospective customers, bloggers, editors, writers don’t read them. And I’m tired of reading them…and occasionally having to write them.  

I’ve begun a new writing thread on PR. The first article is on shifting the traditional broadcast PR conversation into a rich, diverse, multi-channel relationship.  It’s not as scary as it sounds.  Read the new article “The ART of Conversing” and let me know what you think.

This doesn’t mean I’m done writing about Sales & Marketing Alignment. We have a lot more ground to cover on that topic over the coming months and year.  Keep an eye out for the next article which talks about how to leverage marketing campaigns into highly effective opportunities to align marketers and sales teams.  It’s being published in the next issue of Product Strategy Network’s newsletter.

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