October Outlook

September has been a busy month. The feedback from the sales & marketing webinar with PSN and the articles was – “We want more”.  More details, more ‘how-tos’.   So pen in hand, the weekends have been dedicated to writing several articles. The article on joint sales & marketing campaign management will be published by PSN in October or November.  The article on Marketing compensation models is also in the works.  And I just wrapped up a webcast with Rod Sloane in the UK; he’s a smart chap.

A new writing thread emerged around public relations.  I have strong feelings about how poorly this awareness building tool is leveraged. How many times have we read releases – or written them – about how great this or that product is?  That’s not what readers want to hear about. They want to see how companies stand on issues that directly affect them.  One article about the ART of conversation is done and a second ‘how to’ on strategic PR is in the works.

I value the feedback you’ve been giving me. It directs my writing because in the end it’s all about you.  So keep sending in those ideas and questions. It will lead our conversation into interesting places.

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